Wacky waving tube man

The Wacky waving tube man's are fabricated from rip-stop nylon. This nylon sheeting has a special coating and does not easily tear further if damaged. Furthermore, we have an exceptional range of 18 different colours of sheeting available, even including fluorescent green, yellow and pink. In addition, it is also possible to digitally print a tube man with your own pattern, logo or colour, for example.

Take a look at our Inspiration page for a selection of the thousands of skymans we have already produced. Our skyman blowers have a 950W capacity and are suitable for use with sky tubes up to a maximum of 10 metres. The standard height for a tube man is 6 metres, but we can easily fabricate shorter or longer skymans. Feel free to contact us to discuss all possibilities.

Wacky waving tube man

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